Book Review – ‘Successful Public Speaking’

Successful Public Speaking by Matt Avery

“Learn in a week, what the experts learn in a lifetime” is the promise on the cover of this 121 page guide thatsells for £6.99.

The book starts with tips to help people write a speech that is well-researched and relevant to the audience. Another six sections give tips on delivery, combating nerves and avoiding common mistakes.

It is an easy read. Each section has a short introduction and this is followed by a number of ‘do’s and dont’s’ . At the end of each section there are a number of questions testing the reader’s understanding.

I generally liked the tone and content of the book. The author is keen on the a potential speaker writing, re-writing and practising effectively and that cannot be wrong.

I think the book could be improved. The author mentions sincerity but that could have been given more emphasis. I also think that the author could perhaps have given some help in techniques to help with writer’s block. Some examples of really good speeches might have added value.

Overall I thought this is a useful book witn a lot of good material presented in a good way. Good value.