A Brilliant Speech from Sir Ken Robinson

I like speeches that are clear, witty and where the speaker has worked out a clear plan.
Sir Ken Robinson has attracted over 49 million hits with his masterful TED talk – have a look at it here:


What attributes does this talk have? Take a few minutes to think about the following

Was it sincere? I can’t see any argument about that. He has devoted his life to education – it is his ‘thing’ and that comes through very well. He sounded sincere. He revealed a lot about himself and his family and that added to authenticity.

Anything off-colour? No – nothing that would offend Aunt Ethel, No cringe-making moments.

Concise? I hung on every minute and I think that the 47 million other people were pretty keen on it.

Was it memorable? Yes, he had a point of view which he argued with wit, logic and bolstered by his own experience and expertise.

I can’t talk as engagingly as Sir Ken, but I sure can learn from him.

One final request. Please tell your friends about his TED talk – it is an important subject and a wonderful delivery.