Commitment – A Vital Ingredient

‘Going through the motions’ – One Way to Lose an Audience

I am passionate about public speaking. Time after time, speakers seem to think that is is acceptable to go off the point, or not really have a clear point, go on too long or just “go through the motions.”

I think commitment is key. If you are not committed to your subject, the audience will pick up on that lack of passion and turn off. Your credibility will suffer – possibly forever.

How can you demonstrate commitment? The first point id to consider the question ‘Why should the audience bother listening to me?’ If you have got a good answer to that in your own mind, that is a great first step.

Practice demonstrates commitment. If it is clear to your audience that you can speak without notes with fluency your audience will listen.

Relevance is another issue. Do you know what your audience expects from you?