Need Help – Quickly?

How Can I Help?

I find writing very easy. I came into journalism quite late in life but quite quickly I developed a number of techniques which worked well and allowed me to produce good material quickly.

I retired three years ago and, now that I have sufficient time, I thought that it would be positive for me to offer my ability to write to tight deadlines to people who are pressed for time or just ‘stuck’ with a version of writer’s block.

Two things have helped me offer this service. One was the realisation that some of the articles that I write under extreme time pressure were as good, or better, than the ones where a more reasonable amount of time was available.

The other factor was seeing the relief on a friend’s face when I wrote out the structure for a ‘father of the bride’ speech on a table napkin. My friend had been dreading writing the speech but he looked as if a weight had been taken off his shoulders. ( I have had a similar experience when seeing a skilled plumber, car mechanic or physiotherapist help me.)

The Process

We chat on the phone – I ask you what are the key messages you want to get across and how you would like the audience to respond.

I write draft outline and email it to you. If you like it, we discuss the next steps.